Company Profile
Versawave has developed a high speed modulator product line for fiber applications. Versawave’s proprietary GaAs-based design provides system manufacturers with precision and performance. Versawave’s patented technology ensures superior functionality and low drive voltage for polarization or amplitude modulation applications. Versawave can deliver custom components and services to the optical networking industry.

Technology Foundation
Versawave has developed and launched a 40 Gb/s modulator for fiber optic applications. Versawave’s modulation components employ a GaAs (Gallium-Arsenide) based substrate using a patented configuration of slow-wave electrodes for mode conversion. Unlike conventional Mach-Zehnder technologies, this proprietary design produces greatly reduced drive voltage, extended bandwidth and zero chirp. Versawave products address the challenges faced by RF and optical components in ultra high-speed telecommunications systems using 40 Gb/s technologies and beyond.

Products and Services
Versawave provides 40 Gb/s electro-optic modulators in both Polarization and Amplitude configurations. Versawave has developed an innovative and patented design that exploits the unique material properties of GaAs (Gallium-Arsenide) to provide greater efficiencies in polarization modulation with low drive voltage and insertion loss. Ultra-wide bandwidth and small footprint enhance the high performance levels of these components to beyond the industry standard ranges specified by Telcordia GR-468.

Versawave is able to employ its proprietary knowledge to design and build custom components to spec for the electro-optical industry, including telecom, high speed networks and military applications.