Renowned Opto-Electronic Designer Dr. Larry Tarof Joins Optelian

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July 24, 2013, Ottawa, Canada and Vancouver

Intuitive Packet Optical Networking™ solution provider, Optelian, is proud to announce that Dr. Larry Tarof has joined its Versawave division to lead the design and development of Optelian’s next generation of opto-electronic devices.

“We’re extremely excited to have Dr. Tarof join the Optelian team,” said Optelian CEO, Dave Weymouth. “The technical leadership that he brings to the Versawave division will drive Optelian’s ongoing vertical integration activities and product development as we expand our optical businesses worldwide.”

Dr. Tarof brings more than 20 years of technical experience to Optelian. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 publications and conference presentations on semiconductor optics and physics. His work on Separation Absorption, Grading, Charge, and Multiplication Avalanche Photodiodes (SAGCM-APDs), for which he also holds a patent, is frequently cited in industry and academic literature. He has previously been a leader at Nortel, Bell Northern Research, Optovation, and Group IV Semiconductor, as well as a university lecturer on fiber optic communications.

“The products and technology already created within the Versawave division are impressive. I look forward to steering the development of modulation components for high-speed data and high-bandwidth optical transmission applications to meet customer expectations for next generation networks,” stated Dr. Tarof. “This exciting opportunity allows me to go back to my research roots to investigate efficient ways to create new group III-V semiconductor and silicon photonic technology.”

Versawave, a division of Optelian, is the leader in ultra-high bandwidth gallium arsenide based optical modulators with patented polarization modulation technology. Optelian designs, develops and manufactures these products in Canada with fabrication partners in North America.

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