Opto-electric modulators are key components for next generation fiber-optic communications networks To satisfy the increasing requirements for increased throughput and decreased latency, systems manufacturers will require high performance components.

Versawave Modulation Components
Versawave designs and fabricates GaAs modulators components for high-speed data communications and high bandwidth optical polarization applications. Versawave’s proprietary Gallium Arsenide-based designs provide system manufacturers with cost-effective solutions that offer design performance, flexibility, and power efficiency.

Advantages of Gallium Arsenide
Versawave modulators offer compelling advantages over conventional electro-optical (E-O / lithium niobate / Mach Zehnder) and electro-absorption (E-A / indium phosphide) devices for next-generation optical networks. The unique design and material properties of Gallium Arsenide enable Versawave to fabricate components that combine the optical performance of E-O modulators with the low power requirements typically associated with E-A modulators. Available in 40 Gb/s and 50GHz configurations for both polarization and amplitude modulation application, Versawave’s modulators have low insertion loss, near zero chirp, high bandwidth and low drive voltage.