Amplitude Modulators

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40G 3.3V Amplitude Modulator | 40G 5.0V Amplitude Modulator
50G 3.3V Amplitude Modulator | 50G 5.0V Amplitude Modulator

Amplitude Modulator

Electro-Optic Mode Converter

The Versawave 40 & 50 Gb/s Amplitude Modulators represent a revolutionary method for modulating CW laser light into data carrying optical pulse trains. By employing proprietary GaAs technology, the Versawave modulators establish new benchmarks for low drive voltage, ultra-wide bandwidth, and chirp-free operation within a small footprint.

The innovative and IP protected design of Versawave’s modulators exploit the unique material properties of GaAs to provide chirp free modulation. By using a unique polarization mode converter approach, Versawave eliminates many of the intrinsic limitations of designs based on Mach-Zehnder and other electro-absorption architectures. In addition, the Versawave Amplitude Modulators are able to deliver best-in-class performance over the entire Telcordia GR-468 environmental range without the need of a thermo-electric cooler (TEC).


  • Analog and digital
  • SONET OC-768 and SDH STM-256 transmissions
  • 40 & 50 Gb/s transponders
  • High-speed Internet routers
  • DWDM, high-speed Ethernet and TDM
  • High-speed test equipment


  • High modulation bandwidth
  • Low drive voltage
  • Chirp <0.1
  • High extinction ratio
  • Small footprint
  • Optional PIN diode for optical power monitoring and bias control
  • Covers C and L Band
  • GaAs technology