Polarization Modulators

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40G 3.3V Polarization Modulator | 40G 5.0V Polarization Modulator
50G 3.3V Polarization Modulator | 50G 5.0V Polarization Modulator

Polarization Modulator

Electro-Optic Mode Converter

The Versawave 40 & 50 Gb/s Electro-Optic Polarization Modulator is capable of changing the state of polarization (SOP) of light at ultra-high speeds. Functioning as a high speed electrically variable wave plate, the modulators are able to change the SOP of linearly polarized laser light to an orthogonal linear polarization, passing through either circular polarization states. The range and degree of the change in the SOP can be varied by adjusting the magnitude of the DC bias and RF drive voltage.

Unlike designs based on lithium niobate, the Versawave Polarization Modulators have very low birefringence and subsequently, low differential group delay – giving system designers flexibility to use polarization modulation or multiplexing in transmission systems. In addition, the polarization modulators have the same class-leading performance benefits of Versawave’s Amplitude Modulators including low drive voltage, ultra-wide bandwidth, and small footprint.


  • Analogue and digital
  • Polarization shift keying
  • Polarization multiplexing and de-multiplexing
  • High-speed polarization sweeping
  • High-speed test equipment
  • Optical quantum encryption


  • High modulation bandwidth
  • Low drive voltage
  • Low residual amplitude modulation
  • Low differential group delay
  • Covers C and L bands
  • GaAs technology
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low chirp