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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
Versawave, a division of Optelian, provides modulation components for high-speed data and high bandwidth optical transmission applications. Learn More >

Data Sheets

Amplitude Modulators
40G 3.3V Amplitude Modulator | 40G 5.0V Amplitude Modulator
50G 3.3V Amplitude Modulator | 50G 5.0V Amplitude Modulator

Polarization Modulators
40G 3.3V Polarization Modulator | 40G 5.0V Polarization Modulator
50G 3.3V Polarization Modulator | 50G 5.0V Polarization Modulator

White Papers

Performance of a 40 Ghz RF Photonic Balanced Link using a Polarization Modulator
Fiber optic links are commonly employed for high bandwidth applications. Analog RF photonic link applications often have critical sensitivity and linearity requirements, as such the noise figure (NF) and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) are key performance parameters for these links. There has been considerable research dedicated to developing improved components and link designs to yield improvement in NF and SFDR. Learn More >

Application Notes

Versawave modulator schemes
The Versawave waveguide-geometry modulator chip has two principal birefringence axes oriented near 45 degrees to the wafer normal: the fast-axis eigenmode and the slow-axis eigenmode. Learn More >